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Mail Time Mail Alert Installation Instructions

(This Rectangle Shaped Alert Will NOT fit on the Rubbermaid, Step 2 brand or most GDM mailboxes)

If you need a Mail Alert that fits almost ALL brands of curbside mailbox then you need
the Oval Universal Mail Alert found HERE or call Marvelous Mailboxes
at (262)255-8181 for more information.

  1. Slide mounting bracket over latch piece which is attached to the top of your mailbox. Tabs on bracket must fit under the latch piece.
  2. Fit bolt through the two holes in sides of mounting bracket and tighten nut securely. Angle of tab on flag can be adjusted to fit your particular mailbox door closing. Align carefully to minimize bending of tab on flag.
  3. Mail Time may be more permanently attached by driving a screw through hole in back of mounting bracket and into the mailbox.

    To attach to the newer styles of mailbox- the new kind that has no top external latches:

    1) You will need to close the mailbox door. Set the alert on top of the mailbox, with the yellow tab under the edge of the door.

    2) Firmly hold the silver bracket part of the alert in place with your hand, or with some duct tape. Open the mailbox door, and allow the alert to pop up.

    3) Take a pencil and mark the one hole. MAKE SURE the tab is under the lip of the door of the mailbox when the alert is in the down position! Make very sure it’s in the right place on top of the mailbox and that it didn’t move.

    4) Drill a hole into the top of the mailbox where you made this mark and take a short bolt with nut and attach the alert to the top of the mailbox. Tighten nut.

    5) Make sure the alert is in the correct location. Bend the tab only once and only a little, to allow it to accommodate the mailboxes door.

    6) Drill a 2nd hole through the silver bracket and through the mailbox. Insert a second short bolt through this hole, tighten the nut, and you are done.

    When you retrieve the mail out of the box, place the alert in the down position to make it ready for the next day.

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