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Full Size Weathervane Assembly Instructions
(without retaining hook)

Your package includes the following pieces:

  1. Figure (Horse, Eagle, Whale, etc. Whichever one you purchased.)
  2. Small Copper Ball
  3. Set of Brass Directionals
  4. Large Copper Ball
  5. Brass Ring
  6. Small Iron Threaded Rod
  7. Large Iron Rod (18")

Assembled View

1. Position brass ring over large rod. Tighten set screw. 2. Thread small rod into large rod. Tighten firmly with pliers. 3. Slide large ball down rod to brass ring. 4. Interlock directionals, west goes left of north. Slide onto rod. Tighten set screws. 5. Apply common grease to rod so vane will rotate freely. Brass bottom of weathervane tube slides over small rod. Enjoy!

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