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StonyBrae Mailbox Flag Installation Instructions

Lay the mailbox on a non-scratch surface like a piece of cloth with the mailbox flag holes facing you. The mailbox flag assembly consists of the flag, a hub, a 1/2" screw and two 3/8" screws. Place the hub of the mailbox with the little nib sticking in the small hole toward the front of the mailbox. Using a screwdriver, attach the two 3/8" screws in the outer most holes from inside the mailbox. (Tighten, snug).

Next put the mailbox flag on the hub and attach with remaining screw. Tighten this screw just until the spring washer begins to squish. If you make it too tight, the mailbox flag won't go up and down smoothly with a click at the up and down position.

Mailbox Flag Installation Instructions Mailbox Flag Installation Instructions

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