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Bulk & Quantity Mailbox Information For Home Owner Associations, Condo Mailboxes and Apartment Mailboxes
Mail Box or Address Plaque Quotations - Commercial or Residential Mailboxes

For special pricing a minimum of 3 wall mounted, 5 curbside mailboxes, 20+ tenant commercial mailboxes or 8 address plaques is required. Actually ANYTHING on this site can be ordered in quantity for substantial discounts. Barb will get back to you usually within minutes, not hours or days, (not Sundays) and will call you if more information is needed.

The larger the order, the larger the discount! We’ll beat the best offer you show us by at least 5% OR I will donate $100 to your favorite charity. I WANT YOUR BUSINESS!

Before requesting a quote or stopping in our store - some things to consider:

Make sure you understand the size of the mailbox you have in mind. The standard "small" mailbox is no longer large enough to hold the volume of today's mail and package delivery. Many locking mailboxes are larger than envisioned. What is the value of the lots and homes? Are better mailboxes appropriate? Live in a coastal area or somewhere the snow plows take out mailboxes? WE CAN HELP steer you in the right direction so you purchase the right mailbox for your application.

Tell us the mailbox model(s) you are interested in, and the quantity. Also tell us how many single, double, triple or quad posts you’ll need. Will you need newspaper holders? Address Numbers on every curbside mailbox are required by the Post Office plus if homeowners find numbers on their own it defeats the purpose.

How long do you want your mailboxes to last? How much maintenance do you care to provide or do you just want something inexpensive as possible? In general, the more expensive, the longer it will last with the least amount of maintenance.

We can mix and match many different brands of mailbox with many different posts for a unique look for your neighborhood and can make recommendations to assist with your decision.

If it’s for street signage, how many stop signs, speed limit or warning signs? Yield Signs? How many posts? How about street name signs? Is this for private roads or must they be the larger DOT approved?

If for plaques, it's a good idea to know how much room you have for a plaque and the color. I have samples of actual plaques I can send for you and your association to review.

Our quote will include your discounted pricing including shipping cost (which is usually free for very large orders), any potential taxes, lead times and more. If you need installation, accessories such as posts, address numbers etc., I’ll be happy to quote on those and send you samples as well!

Need something in a hurry? We can do it! Just call (262)255-8181 and ask for Barb. 20+ years of experience in this industry, just waiting for you to ask!

To request a price quote, please provide us with the information below.


Company or Association:




Zip/Postal Code:


Phone #:

E-Mail Address:

Check all that apply
Builder Real estate developer
Contractor Part of a home owner's association
I work for one of the above. Other

Tell me what you think you need. I will guide you through the entire process and make this EASY for you.

Thanks for allowing me to quote you on this project!


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