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Vinyl Personalization Application Instructions

  1. Clean sides of mailbox thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. Test in an inconspicuous place first before applying alcohol to any surface! Allow to dry.

Figure A.


Determine the location* (see figure A) where lettering should go. DO NOT cut letters/numbers apart! The number should be centered between the flag and the back edge of the mailbox. Do not block the view of the letters/numbers with the flag. The edge of the transfer tape gets lined up with the bottom edge of box. This will leave the finished letters approximately 1 1/4" above the bottom edge of the box. Firmly attach address strip with masking tape.

Figure B.


Remove the stiff backing paper (see figure B) from the lettering and transfer tape. Remember to pull the stiff paper off at a sharp angle from the lettering with the tape lined up with the bottom edge of box and centered. A few pieces of masking tape, as described in step 2, will help with positioning.

Figure C.


Now smooth the letters out (see figure C) very firmly through the transfer tape using an old credit card or rubber cooking spatula, removing air bubbles. Pressing lightly causes air bubbles! Turn the mailbox over and repeat the same procedure.

Figure D.


Wait 5 or more minutes to remove the transfer tape (see figure D). Pull gently, smoothly and at a sharp angle. If the lettering starts to pull up, you either need to wait longer or rub a little harder. Lettering is rather 'soft' at first and will toughen up in a few weeks of outdoor weather. You'll find your mailbox to be a source of great pride when it's finished.

* Step 1 varies if not using a StonyBrae mailbox. Use your best judgment as measurements will vary with other brands. Steps 2, 3, & 4 will remain the same.

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