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Manhattan Wall Mount Brass Mailbox
With FREE Shipping for a limited time!

Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery.

Manhattan Wall Mount Brass MailboxMade from heavy guage solid brass sheet and bar stock, this mailbox is hand made in Huntington Beach (IN THE USA). The Westchester Mailbox for example has over 150 individual spot welds and each component is hand cut. We take pride in offering only the highest quality workmanship, resulting in a heavy, solid, refined feel.

The door uses a solid brass or stainless steel continuous hinge and magnetic catch. It has uniform seams and snaps shut, just as you would expect from a well built automobile.

Our brass products are truly pieces of art, each one with its own individual character. The Polished Antique Patina finish can have tones of red, gold and brown with a few blue-green patina highlights. Because this is a naturally finished product, no two finishes are alike.

The lid opens wide to receive incoming mail. It is designed to be wall mounted and comes with mounting hardware. Many have tried unsuccessfully to copy this original design so don't be fooled by lower quality imitations.

Brass Numbers
The brass numbers are 3" high and are fused to the unfinished mailbox. They go through the finishing process together and the numbers become a part of your mailbox. These finishes show what your mailbox will look like when finished, but note that all mailboxes are custom made and no two are alike.

Typically, up to five numbers will fit on your mailbox and can only be applied to the front, but please call if you have 6 or more numbers to find out if we can accommodate your needs. The numbers take several weeks to go through the finishing process depending on the weather (they are best made in particular weather conditions). Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

Mailbox: $179 plus $FREE S&H

11.25"W x 15"T x 4.5" Deep

PRODUCT WEIGHTS IN LBS. (within .5 lb)

Weighs a nice 6 pounds

Lock: $69
Numbers: $12 each
If you want these numbers, they must be ordered with a Manhattan Series Mailbox.
They can not be added later.

Manhattan Brass Numbers
Shown with brass numbers.
Manhattan Brass Numbers
Shown with lock.
Slot dimensions are
9"L x 1" W and it comes
with 2 keys.


Manhattan Wall Mount Brass Mailbox Dimensions

Installation Instructions

Looking for a horizontal mailbox?  Check out the
Huntington mailbox.

Polished Antique Patina (PAP) Finish
A unique, proprietary finish first offered in the late 1980's and discovered by accident
using a blend of chemical and  hand worked processes on brass.

Naural brass, uncoated, and designed to darken and dull with age.
The amount of patina (blue/green highlights) will not increase over time even if
exposed to the ocean. This is an uncoated natural brass finish.

No maintenance required.

Finish will darken and dull with age naturally.

Periodic cleaning with a sponge and warm water
wiped dry with a non-abrasive towel will help to
maintain the original sheen.

Finish can be polished as desired to maintain a higher sheen.
Suggested: Non-wax furniture polish.

* Use of any abrasive material will damage the finish.

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get $10 off a coordinating address plaque of your choice.
(Price will adjusted after placing your order.)

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