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Business Bobbi Mailbox

You spend thousands on security.
Motion Sensitive Lighting.
Alarm Systems.
What about your mailbox where all security concerns begin?

Availability is very limited. Please call first before placing your order.

Long lasting Bobbi letterboxes are made of stainless steel or zincplated steel which is covered with polyester coating. A large secure letterbox able to take up to size C3 envelopes. Business Bobbi is recommended for commercial and public buildings.

Mail slot: 1-1/2" x 13".

Overall dimensions:
APPROXIMATELY 27.5" tall x 16" wide x 13 " deep.

Prices starting at $579.00 plus $50.00 S&H. (Does not include post)

Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery on non-stock colors. 9 colors available. Imported from Sweden.

Bobbi Pole Post

Bobbi Pole Post fits underneath the Business Bobbi Mailbox.
2'11" tall. Bolts directly on to a concrete pad or sidewalk.

Price: $225.00 plus $30.00 S&H.
9 Colors available.

  • View Colors Available

    Very Limited Quantities Available. Special Orders can take as long as 12 weeks if not in stock.

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Mailbox Color:

Post Qty:

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Order this mailbox today and
get $10 off a coordinating address plaque of your choice.
(Price will adjusted after placing your order.)

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