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Flat Personalized Street Signs

Street Signs and Light Poles
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Black letters on a white background.

Note to municipalites: Our sign department is ready to supply large volumes of street signs in a huge variety of colors and sizes at competitve pricing. Contact us for details.

These are real street signs produced by our commercial sign department and are made on 24" wide, 6" high, heavy gauge (.080) green baked enamel aluminum. Lettering and border is white and can be included on both sides of the sign. Multiple signs can be stacked (as shown) using optional bracket.

Each street sign can be personalized with one line of text with up to 20 letters.

Punctuation and suffixes (PL, LA, LANE, CT, ROAD, RD,etc.) are usually smaller and only count for 1/2 letter. Example: LANE would count for only 2 of the 20 maximum letters. Specify exact suffix if desired. (Use of smaller suffix is at our discretion, depending on the layout).

Mounting Brackets:

  • Base Bracket - fits over a standard 2 3/8" chain link fence post (shown in photo above and available at home centers or fencing supply dealer).
  • Stacking brackets - allow multiple signs to be stacked criss-cross on top of each other at a fixed 90° angle (as shown in the photo).
  • Universal Stacking Bracket - allowing you to position the top sign at either 0° (parallel to base) or at 45° (either side of base)
  • Wing Bracket - can be mounted to a wall or pole and have the sign extending or protruding from the bracket.

Reflective Letters provide greater visibility at night.

Different Names can appear on opposite sides of the sign.

(Note: The GREEN street signs have a single hole located on one side of the sign needed during the manufacturing process and to allow attaching various ornaments such as flags, reflectors, or other devices. If you are planning to mount the sign to a wall, and require an additional hole on the opposite side, please specify that below.)

Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for delivery of your order.
Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee.

  • Single Sided Street Sign (letters on one side) : $30.00 + $10 S&H
  • Double Sided Street Sign (letters on both sides) : $40.00 + $10 S&H
  • Different Names on each side: $5.00 (in addition to the double sided sign price)
  • Reflective Letters: $15.00 additional
  • Mounting Brackets:
    • Base Mounting Bracket $25.00 + $9 S&H
    • Stacking Bracket $25.00 + $9 S&H
    • Universal Stacking Bracket 250.00 + $9 S&H
    • Wing Bracket $25.00 + $9 S&H
  • Second Hole for Wall Mounting: $3.00



Number of Sides:

Use different lettering on the 2nd side
Second Side Lettering:

Reflective Letters

Mounting Bracket:

Second hole for wall mounting

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You can repeat the order process for each sign you need. Every time you press the Add to Cart button a new sign will be added to your shopping cart. Remember: You can delete any item from your shopping cart at any time.

We can customize signs to your requirement and specifications.
Please email us at:
Telephone: 888-675-6245 | Fax: 262-255-9294

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