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60" Yorkshire Window Box

The Yorkshire window box helps you bring home the charm of the East Coast while offering a low maintenance solution. Compliment the appearance of your home with a product that cleans up with the simple rinse of a garden hose.

Made from high quality vinyl providing the look of a wood window box without the maintenance.

Sub-irrigation water system, encourages root growth.

Panels can be cut to create a custom fit for your windows.

Product requires minor assembly, parts glue together easily to create a beautiful finished product (about 15 min to assemble).

Inside dimensions are 54"L x 8"W x 8.25"D, holds approx. 15 gallons of soil.

Kit includes front panel, back panel, bottom panel, left end cap, right end cap, vinyl glue, 4 wall mount brackets with screws.

Decorative Brackets (2pk) sold separately.

Window Box:
Was $45163.99
$159.99 + FREE SHIPPING!

Decorative Brackets:
Was $45.99

All rotomolded products come with a 15 year limited warranty. Due to the porous nature of rotomolding technology, this window planter (in particular the white products) may need power washing and possible light scrubbing with mild detergent to maintain a bright, clean finish.

Yorkshire Window Box

White with Decorative Brackets (sold separately)

Yorkshire Window Box

Cut Away View
Yorkshire Window Box
Yorkshire Window Box
Yorkshire Window Box
Decorative Brackets (sold separately)

Bracket Assembly (decorative brackets sold separately)
Yorkshire Window Box

Window Box

Decorative Brackets (2 pk)

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