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Beach House Welcome Sign

Beach House Welcome Sign

This beautiful, full color art and welcome sign withstands sun, rain and snow, so it's ideal for use outdoors.

It comes ready to hang, so mounting is a snap. Beautiful satin finish gives the look of handpainting and does not glare in direct sunlight.

Available in two sizes:
  Small: 12" x 16" = $50 + $11 S&H
18" x 24" = $110 + $18 S&H

Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. December 1st is the Christmas guarantee deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does this product come with a guarantee?

Yes, the artwork comes with a full 3 year manufacturer's warranty. Three years represents the least amount of time this product would last without fading in the very worst of conditions such as constant exposure to very hot direct sunlight. In most areas the art will last 5+ years and on a covered porch or patio many many years!

2) How do I care for it?

To clean, use a mild, non-abrasive soap with a soft cloth or sponge. More complete care instructions are included with your order.

3) Do I need to take it in the winter months?

No, this artwork is designed for outside use and will add wonderful color to your home in even the gloomiest of weather.

4) What if I don't like it?

No problem, you may return and non-personalized artwork for a full refund less shipping fees. Generally we find that people are very happy with their purchases as the quality is fabulous and the colors brilliant!



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