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Deluxe Rural Mailbox, Deluxe News Holders & Replacement Flags

Ordering more than two mailboxes? Call for substantial discounts!

Shown above in Pewter, with
a Pewter News Holder.

Deluxe Rural Mailbox with Brass Numbers
Shown above in green with 3" brass numbers.

Deluxe Rural Mailbox bottom hole patterns.
Deluxe Mailbox bottom hole patterns.

Scroll down and move your mouse over any
picture below to view a larger picture here.

Dimensions: 7.5"W x 9.5"H x 20.5"D
15 lbs.

Made entirely of RUST FREE aluminum, these U.S.P.S. approved deluxe rural mailboxes feature a 1/8” extruded aluminum body with a 1/8” die cast aluminum front door and rear cover.

* They also feature a durable textured powder coated finish.

* LOTS of designer colors.

* All mailboxes include an adjustable and VERY sturdy cast aluminum burgundy or red signal flag.

* Has a Magnet for the door catch.

* A full-width stainless steel piano hinge attaches the die cast door to the body allowing for smooth, reliable opening & closing.

These Deluxe rural mailboxes can be mounted on the standard, the decorative or the deluxe mailbox posts (below)
or a post of your choice with your adaptations.

Two Deluxe Rural Mailboxes may be mounted on a Deluxe 2-Sided Post to make it a "Twin". Newspaper Holders OK.

For two or more mailboxes on one post please see here:

Mailbox Prices are
$129.00 + $FREE S&H for
Black, Beige or White

Deluxe Colors like Mocha, Pewter, Copper, Brass, Bronze, or Nickel
are $149.00+ $FREE S&H

Posts and Newspaper Holders are additional
and can be ordered below.

See "Posts/Stands That Match" at the bottom of this page.

Finish comes w/burgundy flag
Beige comes
w/red flag
Black comes
w/red flag
White comes
w/red flag
Mocha Finish comes w/burgundy flag
Finish comes w/burgundy flag

Newspaper HolderMade of heavy duty aluminum, newspaper holders are a unique option for rural style mailboxes. Each unit has a solid back and includes mounting hardware to easily attach to mailbox posts and spreaders. These newspaper holders feature a durable powder coated finish available in nine designer colors. Dimensions 7.25"W x 4.5"H x 16"D. Weight: 10 lbs. Prices starting at $69.00 + $FREE S&H

Ordering more than two mailboxes? Call for substantial discounts!

Mailbox Flag
Your mailbox already comes with a nice flag. In the unlikely event that if it ever breaks, replacement flags are available here and are intended to fit this mailbox. Made of heavy duty 1/4" die cast aluminum, deluxe replacement signal flags have a durable burgundy or red powder coated finish and easily attach to deluxe rural mailboxes. May also fit on other brands of mailbox. Includes stainless steel mounting hardware. Dimensions: 2.75"W x 8"H. $29.00 for Burgundy or $25.00 for Red with $FREE S&H for a limited time only.

Mailbox Color:

(Optional) Newspaper Holder Color:
(Optional) Mailbox Replacement Flag:
Choose from Burgundy
or Red. Red will be sent if you don't choose a color.
(Optional) 3" Brass Numbers :
  I will order my brass numbers separately.
I will order my vinyl numbers separately.

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