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Classic Top Piece Mailbox

Classic Top Piece Mailbox

The Classic Series Mailbox is constructed from aerospace grade aluminum and solid brass. Whether you look at the thickness of the brass, the innovative drain pipe surrounding the flag shaft or the powerful closure magnets on the mail door and locking access door . . . one conclusion is apparent . . . the Classic Mailbox Collection is the best quality money can buy.

This mailbox with lockable front access door weighs a substantial 41 pounds and is crafted from sixteen separate castings.  Each mailbox is hand assembled and electrostatically powder coated with over two pounds of paint.  It is completed with the addition of six hand fitted and hand polished solid brass pieces including a solid brass flag.  Elegant and timeless, it is a beautiful addition to any home.

Standard Mail Slot

The standard mail slot is large enough to accommodate small packages and bundles of mail.

Dimensions: 18 3/4" H x 15" W x 10" D, 30 lbs.
plus $35 S&H

Order this mailbox today and
get $10 off a coordinating address plaque of your choice.
(Price will adjusted after placing your order.)

Optional Accessories:
High Security Option
The High Security option restricts an unwanted hand from entering the box.  This option must be ordered from the manufacturer when purchasing the mailbox. It may be removed at a later time, if desired.
Antique Verde Accents

Antique Accents
These mailboxes are accented with six solid brass pieces, which are hand finished with a weathered bronze antique patina.   These brass pieces will not tarnish over time, instead they will continue to weather into a beautiful natural patina.  The accents are available with all stock colors and are excellent for coastal communities.


Optional Accessories:
High Security Option ($50.00)
Antique Verdigris Accents ($50.00)
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