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Packers Rural Mailbox

Packers Rural Mailbox
Small size mailbox.
6"w x 8"t x 19"l

Medium Size (Not pictured)
Is a HEAVY DUTY size medium powder-coated hunter green mailbox, 14 pounds, built as tough as the team it represents. Free EZ Tray is included inside. Bold Yellow and White Reflective Stripes. Your address numbers or name, in reflective yellow or white, are included on both sides for no additional charge. Dimensions: 8" W x 10" T x 21" L. Non returnable.

$179.00 + $15.00 S&H

Small Size
This is a medium duty, size small mailbox. Hunter green in color with reflective yellow stripe. Your address number, in reflective yellow or white, can be attached to both sides of the mailbox for an additional charge of $10.00. Non returnable.

$69.00 + $15.00 S&H


Personalization Color:

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