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Curbvault Mailbox
You can spend thousands on home security.
Deadbolts. Motion Sensitive Lighting. Alarm Systems.
What about your mailbox where all security concerns begin?

Curbvault Mailbox
  • Protect your mail from thieves with this VERY secure drop door mailbox.
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Dimensions: 51" x 12" x 14"
  • Weight: 110 lbs. plus the pallet.
  • Only $1499 + $FREE S&H
  • Did you know? Sort your junk mail out and place it inside the base of the Curb Vault. When it's trash day, simply remove the junk mail and place it in your trash or recycle bin, right there at the curb!

The Curb Vault comes in a variety of durable finishes and colors.

• The best looking award winning design of 2007!
• Indestructible 1/8” thick seam welded plate steel (resists baseball bats, bullets, pipe bombs)
• The ultimate defense against rising mail and identity theft
• Safer than brick enclosures - "Break-away” mount included
• Easy installation on the ground or any hard surface; no slab to construct
• A “catch tray” for easy mail retrieval is inside
• A deadbolt lock opens to the back of the mailbox
• Converter tray is included so you can just drive up & get your mail
• Meets and exceeds all postal regulations
• Has a oversized deposit door opening, no skinny slot!
• 3 fashionable colors of ever enduring powder coating, inside and out.
• Has welded steel rods instead of breakable hinges
• Has a huge storage capacity (3200 cubic inches!)
• Exclusive mildew-resistant condensation system; water-tight
• Larger, newly designed red flag made of 1/8” steel
• MANUFACTURERS lifetime structure replacement warranty if it fails due to faulty workmanship
• 50 ½” outside height
• 12” x 13 ½” base dimensions
• 14” from inside front door to inside back wall
• 11 5/8” x 13 ½” deposit door opening
• 11” x 11 3/8” real door opening
• 3200 cubic inch storage capacity
• 1/8” seam welded plate steel
• Powder coating finish inside and out in 3 colors


Hammered Bronze




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