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The MailGuard Mailbox

The MailGuard Mailbox
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You Lock Your Doors & Windows, Why Not Your Mailbox?

You spend thousands on home security.
Deadbolts. Motion Sensitive Lighting. Alarm Systems.
What about your mailbox where all security concerns begin?

MailGuard locking mailbox is an affordable security mailbox uniquely designed to eliminate the threat of stolen mail by keeping your mail private and secure, accessible only to you.

MailGuard security mailbox provides peace of mind as it serves as your own PO BOX at home or work. With its large storage capacity, you can go on vacation without having to stop your mail. Other security mailboxes are prohibitively expensive but with MailGuard locking mailbox you don't need to spend a fortune to protect your mail.

Only $139.99 + $18 S&H

Order this mailbox today and
get $10 off a coordinating address plaque of your choice.
(Price will be adjusted after placing your order.)


Incoming mail
delivered here

Retrieve your mail
only with a key

Large storage
  • Theft and vandal resistant
  • Accepts large sized mail
  • Impact Resistant
  • Water and snow proof. It withstands temperatures of -65 to +145 degrees Fahrenheit, relative humidity of 0 to 100%, solar radiation, heavy rainstorms, sleet, and wind velocities up to 100 miles per hour. The door operates in all weather conditions, keeping the mail dry and protected at all times.
  • Access your mail with a key that you carry. Your mail carrier inserts the mail at the top opening and does not need a key.
  • Ample storage for weeks of mail - over 2000 cubic inches or mail storage
  • Unique secure design
  • Made of polyethylene plastic which is guaranteed to be rust, peel and fade resistant.
  • Easy installation. The MailGuard can be easily mounted on a 4x4 wooden (suggested) or to most other types of posts. It can also be mounted directly to the outside wall of your home or place of business, on brick, wood, cement, or aluminum siding etc. All nuts and bolts are provided for installation.
  • Overall dimensions: 25"tall x 12" wide x 18" deep
  • Made in USA
  • Affordably priced

Did you know? Federal law requires every mailbox to have at least the home owner's address numbers neatly applied in a contrasting color. They are required to be a minimum of 1" tall, placed on the flag side of the mailbox. Many areas are requiring 3" tall numbers to aid emergency personnel in finding you quickly.

This Mailbox is on Backorder. Please call 262-255-8181 before ordering.


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