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Classic Faceplate Mailbox
Faceplate in column

The Classic Faceplate can be flush mounted or inset into a pilaster, column, or on a wall next to your front door (shown flush mounted). This model comes complete with a ten inch aluminum mail storage can and lockable front access door. Standard Mail SlotAvailable in all colors and with High Security option. Outgoing Flag not available on this model. The Standard Mail slot (10"W x 2-7/8"T) is large enough to accommodate small packages and bundles of mail.

May also be kept unlocked - door will stay closed with the magnetic catch.

The top door, for the incoming mail, opens like an oven door, with hinges on the bottom. The bottom door opens similar to a refrigerator door, with the hinge on the right side.

Front Face Measures 13-1/8" High X 14-7/8"Wide. It's 1" deep.

The Aluminum "Can" (the part that holds the mail) is 11-3/8" High X 13-1/8" Wide. It is 10" deep and can be made larger with sheet metal by your installer.

$299 + $25 Shipping & Handling.

Order this mailbox today and
get $10 off a coordinating address plaque of your choice.
(Price will adjusted after placing your order.)

Optional Accessories:

High Security OptionThe High Security option restricts an unwanted hand from entering the box. This option can not be added later, must be ordered from the manufacturer when purchasing the mailbox but it may be removed at a later time, if desired. This option makes it so the opening is 1-1/4"T X 10"W.

Doors Available in 3 Different Colors
Antique Verdigris AccentsThis mailbox is accented with solid brass doors which are hand finished. Choices are the standard polished brass finish at no additional charge OR a weathered antique bronze ($40) or satin nickel ($40). These doors will not tarnish over time, instead they will continue to weather into a beautiful natural patina. These accents are available in with all stock colors and are excellent for coastal communities.

Red Mailbox Flag for Brick Mailboxes
Red mailbox flag for brick mailboxes.
$49 + FREE S&H

Mailbox Flag for Brick Mailboxes

Installation Instructions
To mount on brick or stone, MAKE SURE that you place the flag low enough to the ground and close enough to the front of the column or pillar that the mail carrier can reach if from their vehicle. See to it that you have at least 9 inches of space above where you intend to place the flag so it can pivot freely up and down. Using a masonry drill bit ¼” in diameter, simply drill 2 holes exactly ¾” apart, one directly above the other. Completely tap in the blue anchors. Place the stainless steel screw through the stainless washer, through the flag, through the nylon bushing (small, taper side up) and into the blue plastic anchor. Do that again with the second screw. Tighten until snug.


Almond/Polished Brass
Black/Polished Brass
Bronze/Polished Brass

White/Polished Brass
Metallic Bronze/Antique Bronze
White/Satin Nickel

Classic Faceplate Mailbox

Classic Faceplate Mailbox

Classic Faceplate Mailbox
Almond/Antique Bronze
Black/Antique Bronze
White/Antique Bronze

Classic Faceplate Mailbox

Classic Faceplate Mailbox

Classic Faceplate Mailbox
Almond/Satin Nickel
Black/Satin Nickel
Metallic Bronze/ Satin Nickel


Optional Accessories:
High Security Option ($29.00)
Antique Bronze Doors ($40.00)
Satin Nickel Doors ($40.00)
Polished Brass Doors are FREE!
Red Mailbox Flag ($49.00)
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