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Red Pull Out Tray or Drawer for Inside Mailboxes

EZ Pull Out Tray Shown in a
StonyBrae Mailbox

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Need more than 10? Call for discounted prices.

You know how the mailman always throws the mail to the back of the mailbox and you can't reach it? This EZ Pull-Out Tray makes mail easy to retrieve from your car.

Get LOTS of mail? Bring the whole EZ Tray in the house! Especially convenient when it's raining out - both YOU & the mail stay dry.

Made of virtually indestructible plastic.

Fits the two most common sizes of mailbox: 6" wide or 8" wide. Will ONLY fit in the standard "bread loaf" shape of METAL mailbox. Will NOT fit in Step 2 or Rubbermaid brands of plastic mailbox.

Tray could be red, could be white -
we'll surprise you!

In Stock!

$24.00 + $10 S&H
Fits perfectly inside a
6" W x 19" L x 8" Tall Mailbox

+ $10 S&H
Fits perfectly inside a

W x 21" L x 10 " Tall Mailbox

The small mailbox tray is: 6"W x 18.5”L x 7-1/2” tall.
The side walls are 4-1/2” tall.

The larger mailbox tray is: 7"W x 21” L x 9” tall.
The side walls are 5-1/2” tall.

If these measurments seem a bit too large, customers tell me they carefully
trim the excess off with a box cutter and it works just fine.


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